Volunteers Fuel Our Mission.

Volunteer with Us!

The next time you visit Manna, you will see many wonderful changes we have made to better serve our community. We can’t wait to show you the many projects our team has been working on.

If you are interested in providing volunteer hours in our kitchen or garden, please sign up on VOMO (VOMO link below), Manna’s new volunteer coordination program. Opportunities for volunteering are available five days a week and include cooking, serving food, food pick-ups, working in the garden, and more. If you are specifically interested in fulfilling community service hours, please call 970-385-5095 ext 105.

Have questions about our current volunteer opportunities?

Please contact Manna’s volunteer coordinators:
Ken Baker for kitchen volunteering: kitchenvolunteers@mannasoupkitchen.com
Brooke Frazer for garden volunteering: garden@mannasoupkitchen.com
Kristin Peska For General Inquiries: Kristin.Peska@mannasoupkitchen.com

Kitchen Volunteer Training Videos

Are you new volunteering at Manna? Please complete these two quick, informative training modules on kitchen safety: